Here are some links to tournaments 

 1.Champion of Today is KoT-Clan’s new tournament to keep AoK alive & Fun! : active

 2.Symbol Clan Silver tourney ( for members only ) : active
       rm :

       scenario :

 3.Age of Empire Clan vs Clan Tournament ( 3v3 ) : Failed tournament, Symbol clan dont suggest it


Playing  ( Scenario ) :  SyM|3oL of Angelina Jolie, SyM|3oL of _Speedy3015, SyM|3oL of xXx, SyM|3oL of CSR, SyM|3oL of MysTiquE™, SyM|3oL of FLYInG DuTcH, SyM|3oL of Canonfoder, SyM|3oL of T0M3kK, SyM|3oL_of_NEMEROX, Sym|3ol_of_Hibagaza, SyM|3oL of RoCkS_U, SyM|3oL of Iron, SyM|3oL of Robin

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